How To Cut Soy From A Vegetarian Diet

How To Cut Soy From A Vegetarian Diet

By | December 13, 2016

For most vegetarians, soy products are a miracle of modern technology. From fake butter and milk to fake barbeque wings, makes soy a vegetarian diet is a pleasure and not a hardship. Unfortunately, vegetarians need to cut some of the soy from your diet. Recent studies suggest that too much soy can be a bad thing, leading to everything from reduced testosterone production to breast cancer. So, how does a vegetarian cuts soy from her diet and still eat yummy food and lots of protein

You need:?
An awesome store, preferably specializing in health foods.

Veggie cookbook for ideas.


Make a list of the soy products that you eat. While a vegetarian will probably never be able to eliminate soy hero, it’s a good idea to know where you can eliminate soy from your diet and how it can be.

Try alternative meat substitutes. If you like soy chicken nuggets, try the new fake chicken nuggets made from mushrooms. They smell kind of like feet, but tastes wonderful with honey mustard. Also check out seitan, a meat substitute made from wheat gluten. Both are rich in protein and can substitute soy meal.

Replace soy milk with rice milk or almond milk. Just like soy milk, you can buy rice and almond milk in a variety of flavors and fortified with calcium.

Put some meat substitutes in the diet with beans or lentils. Both contain protein and are just as filling.

If you are comfortable to eat dairy products, buy the real thing instead of soy version. Regular yogurt and cheese can be found in organic and all-natural varieties.

Tips and Warnings

You may still have to keep soy milk in the fridge for cooking. Rice milk and almond milk is thinner than soy milk and may not work as well for some of the things you are cooking.

When making your list of soy in your diet, do not forget that tofu is made from soy!
If you decide to replace soy yogurt with milk yogurt, make yogurt you buy do not contain gelatin.

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