How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight

By | December 13, 2016

There are many ways to lose weight. Your must burn more calories than you take in Eat fruits and vegetables, try to eat less meat as it will clog the colon

You need:.
Burn more calories than you eat

. .
Eat vegtables.

Eat fruits.


Your must work more calories than you take in

Eat more fruits, as it will keep you healthy and help you loose weight

Eat more vegetables, will keep clean colon

do at least 30 minutes with excersie daily, as it will help you lose weight and stay physicaly form.

Stay away from the burgers, it will only make you fat

Drinking eight glasses of water daily it will flush toxins from the body

Tips and Warnings

30 minutes excersie daily

Eat fruit mother vegtables
Burn more calories than you take in
drink plently of water

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