One Week Very Low Calorie Diet

One Week Very Low Calorie Diet

By | December 13, 2016

It has been known for years that a way to fast weight loss is to cut down on calories. But limiting calories does not necessarily mean starving yourself. It just means being selective about your choice of food and plan meals. Done right, you can lose weight as little as a week

Break for Breakfast
Whichever diet you follow, breakfast is considered the most important meal, providing fuel for the morning and keep you from overeating later. There are many options for a low-calorie breakfast of low-fat yogurt with some fruit (about 140 calories) a cup of oatmeal (about 150 calories) to high-fiber, low-sugar cereals such as Total or Special K (about 220 calories with skim milk, strawberries and low-cal sweetener).

The best diets, even those who stress caloric restriction, have smaller meals more often throughout the day (as opposed to three large meals). So even if you are counting calories, the best option is to eat every three hours to keep your energy levels high. A low-calorie snack, such as an apple (typically around 50 calories) or a protein shake (190 calories a can of Slim-Fast) can do the trick.

Go Light on Lunch
It does not not have to be anything fancy for grabbing a filling, low-calorie lunch. A good old-fashioned salad may be your best option. Some green salad topped with carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and low-fat dressing (hold the croutons and cheese) comes in at less than 200 calories. You can add a tablespoon of low-fat tuna for protein. In case you are on the run, try a Fruit n ‘Yogurt Parfait from McDonald’s and a side of apple dippers (about 160 calories, minus caramel dipping sauce).

Snack Time Again
In case you just can not bear to eat another fruit, protein bars are low in calories and very filling. South Beach Living Breakfast Bars come in different flavors-from peanut butter to maple nut. They are usually no more than 140 calories per item.

Dig In at Dinner
Dinner tends to be the biggest meal of the day for most people, and while it can still be tasty, it should not be too much larger than the day before meals. A rule to follow is each serving should be the size of your fist. Healthy low-calorie choices include skinless grilled chicken or grilled salmon (about 45 calories per ounce each). Add a little low-fat dressing for flavor (make sure there are no more than 50 calories per tablespoon) and a side of cooked vegetables (fresh, not frozen or canned).

Add It Up
With this plan, you consume less than 1,000 calories per day, and in some cases substantially less. Along with regular exercise and six to eight 8-oz. glasses of water per day, you’ll shed pounds as a little as a week, and probably feel noticeably healthier.

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