How To Reduce Salt In Your Diet Without Sacrificing Flavor

How To Reduce Salt In Your Diet Without Sacrificing Flavor

By | December 14, 2016

Salt (sodium chloride) is essential to our health. Without salt human body can not function properly since sodium plays an important role in electrolytes balance. But too much salt intake can be dangerous because it can cause high blood pressure, kidney problems and osteoporosis-just to name a few. Recommended amount daily salt intake by FDA is 5 g (one teaspoon), but the majority of the US population consumes at least twice as much daily.

It is easy to reduce salt intake without sacrificing taste of food.

Cook at home
Not only do you have better nutrition, but you can also regulate. . . how much salt you put in your meals. Cutting salt by half. Your taste will adjust very quickly.

Experiment with spices and herbs.

Adding a little extra spice to your food will chase away the blandness of a dish. Turmeric, pepper, various herbs enhance the flavor of food and provide additional health benefits.

Put away the salt shaker.
Do not add any salt on the table. Period.

Be sure to check all labels while shopping.

Obviously, anchovies have much sodium (4000 mg in 100 g). But what about some other foods? You may be surprised to hear that a cup of Raisin Bran cereal (Kellogg) has 350 mg sodium, chocolate flavor Jell-O Pudding and Pie Filling has 420 mg sodium. Check labels and remember portion sizes.

Avoid all highly processed food and snacks.
All highly processed foods are high in sodium. Sausages, bacon, ketchup, salad dressings should be used sparingly if ever. Cut out as snacks like potato chips and salted nuts. Do not use salt margarine or butter.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruit.

Almost all fresh vegetables and fruits are low in sodium and high in vitamins and minerals. Incorporate them in your diet will help you reduce your sodium intake and providing good nutrition

Tips and Warnings

be sure not to cut out salt completely -. You need sodium for proper functioning of your body.

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