The Best Diet Foods For Quick Weight Loss

The Best Diet Foods For Quick Weight Loss

By | December 14, 2016

High obesity plague many countries, leading to health risks such as diabetes, hypertension and vascular diseases. In trying to avoid these diseases, too many people struggle to lose weight. By adjusting your diet to include specific foods, you can reduce the weight and shave off pounds <. h2> Protein and Fiber

Foods that are high in fiber and protein will increase the feeling of saturation (fullness), something you eat less food overall.

dietitians consider eggs perfect source of protein, as they provide a high amount of protein, while containing all the essential amino acids your body needs to build everything from muscles and enzymes to brain chemicals. To cut more calories, discard the yolks and just use the egg white, which contains all the protein and none of the fat.

Soy and almonds containing protein and fiber in large quantities, and soy can serve as a meal replacement. Almonds also provide vitamin E and magnesium, which your body needs to produce energy, build muscle and regulate the level of sugar in your blood. Keep blood sugar levels stable will also prevent cravings, while insulin spikes due to sudden influxes of sugar will cause your body to store all the extra calories as fat. Most importantly, reduces the cell-wall structure of almonds absorption of fat.

Low-fat dairy products such as cottage cheese, yogurt and 2 percent milk also contain high amounts of protein. Include them in a daily diet has been shown to reduce belly fat.
Fruits and vegetables

Apples and pears are high in fiber and low on the glycemic index, which means it takes a long time for your body to break them down, and they will therefore keep you feeling full longer. Both also contains fiber and nutrients, while apples provides Quercetin, which has been shown to reduce cholesterol damage.

Berries are full of fiber, which can slow the absorption of calories from any food you eat with them. Plus, berries contain antioxidants that increases blood flow and helps muscles contract more efficiently during exercise.

Lettuce such as spinach and broccoli are low in calories and high in fiber and provide a rich source of calcium that your body needs for muscle contraction. Also, your body has to work hard to digest vegetables like celery and cabbage, and eating these will actually burn more calories through digestion than they give as food. Salads are rich in fiber and high in nutrients, and can serve as a meal replacement. Make sure to choose a low-fat, low-calorie dressing.
Dealing with Cravings

When you feel the need for something sweet, make the right substitutions cutting calories, while including ingredients that actually help burn more of them.

Instead of ice or soda, try to create a diet root beer floats with low-fat frozen yogurt. Instead of a milkshake, use soy milk and frozen berries for a healthy treat. Trading in pies for grilled pineapple with pecans, or grilled peaches with blackberries and honey. And if you must indulge, pick berries sorbets over ice cream.

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