How To Change To A Healthy Diet

How To Change To A Healthy Diet

By | December 15, 2016

Switching to a healthy diet can be challenging, but the rewards are many. Not only will you look better, feel great, and reel in compliments, but you can inspire others to do the same

You need:!
Positive attitude, blender, motivation

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Do not start out calorie counts. Do not start out weighing yourself often on the scale either. Its about body composition and changing a lifestyle, not a bunch of statistics. Weight can be decieving. Muscle weighs more than fat, and inches, lbs not tell the story.

Begin to divide the meals into 6 small every 2-3 hours. Eat these small meals in a balanced way with protein, complex carbohydrates, and milk / water / tea. Zero calorie drinks is essential to get used to, which many people take in hundreds of calories daily through soda and other liquids.

Grill your lean meats in advance and store them in ziplock bag. Carry a small cooler with you enough meat or protein snacks (string cheese, protein shake, egg whites, ect.) If you have food with you, you will be less likely to be hungry or going through fast food drive through.

Eat breakfast every morning! it Kickstarts metabolism. 2 eggs for breakfast with oatmeal / fruit is a perfectly balanced and healthy breakfast.

Substitute good carbs instead of bad carbs. These are tough test step for most people. Gradually begin weeding out bad carbs (processed foods like chips, white bread / flour, white rice / pizza base / cookies / ect) and replace them with fruit / vegetable / brown rice / oatmeal / whole grains. For sweet cravings, mix berries with protein powder and honey in a blender with milk or water.

Tips and Warnings

allow yourself a cheat day / meal of the week

not discouraged!
Contact your local dietician or doctor for help

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