How To Lose Unwanted Fat After Birth

How To Lose Unwanted Fat After Birth

By | December 15, 2016

Last April 4, 202C I gave birth to a healthy boy (8 14lbs) through Cesarean section. From a weight of 70kgs (two months ago), I am now 60kgs, thanks to my personal formulated weight loss program. I lost unwanted fat that new moms dread of birth and I have not even started to play badminton! How did I do it? This is what you do:

You need:.
Plenty of tea and juices Mobile No rice policy.

Leafy green and yellow vegetables.
Juicy fruits.

Medical binder.


Think slim, feel slim attitude.


* Loads of tea and juice
The first food that my OB-Gyne allowed after my C-section is tea. After I was allowed to eat a biscuit. According to studies, tea is one of a great source of antioxidants that fight cancer cells as well as orange juice

No rice policy

In Asian countries like ours, rice is a staple food. It’s pretty heavy on the stomach compared to bread and other sources of carbohydrates, and if you love to eat this food you really of obesity

Go leafy
* Well, it’s always on the list of weight loss programs and dieting. All green, green and yellow vegetables bring wonders for the human body. The greener the better, the darker the shade the better.

* Be a juicy fruit fan
juicy fruits are the fruits that have plenty of water content in them like watermelon, which makes you feel full when you eat them. Fructose, the sugar found in fruits, are a good source of carbo.

* Do chores

After six weeks of delivery mine, I started doing chores just avoid exhausting themselves and weightlifting. This kept me out of the refrigerator, regulated my metabolism and toned muscles.

* Tighten the Permian
C-section mothers are advised to use medical binders for delivery to protect the wound becomes stressed and infected. The duration can be up to six weeks, but after two weeks of delivery, my doctor advised me to forget binder and use it during your trip. I obeyed, and used it almost every day to slim my waist and faster metabolism.

* Worry!

People tend to avoid concerns / stress because studies show that it brings diseases of the body and decreases the immune system. For me, I used it as a tool to accelerate weight loss. Of course I did not dwell on really dark thoughts, just petty equally how will I look like in uniform my and my children’s behavior, etc. .

* Surf the web
It will make you busy and occupied. When I feel the urge to binge (and would give-in) I surf the web and visit exciting places. I get tips, chat, and window-shop. Amazon. com alone has much to offer, such as clothing and books, gadgets and accessories. You can even forget to go to the bathroom just by surfing. Think

Slim, sleek feel

What the mind can conceive, the body will perceive. Be positive focus on your goal and work on it. I even envisioned myself in a bikini and skinny jeans. Everyday I have visions of myself in sexy outfits and daring lingeries despite mockery from my husband. I always tell him, “you will see..”

Tips and Warnings

For tea, I use Lipton Green Tea

Medical binders have many options, I chose those with foam to protect my wounds from being stressed traveling
I also visit the Self. com, an interesting site on average women and plenty of how to tips
Results may vary in each person and sometimes C-section wound can become infected with sweat because of very tight binders

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