How To Survive A Holiday Party Without Sabotaging Your Diet

How To Survive A Holiday Party Without Sabotaging Your Diet

By | December 15, 2016

If you see what you eat, the holidays can be a very trying time. With so many decadent spreads and delicious meals, it’s hard not to indulge. The following tips will help you survive all holiday obligations without completely sabotaging your diet

You need:. .
Weight Loss pill

Tight clothing.

Chew gum or eat candy after you’ve eaten a small portion. Mouth will be clean and fresh and you will not want to ruin it by eating more.

Carry a drink around with you so you do not pick up any other food or Munch absently at Hor d’oeuvres.

Take a weight loss supplement. You will be motivated to stick to moderation and less likely to stuff yourself on food loaded with calories, sugar and fat.

Drinking 2:58 large glass of water before you go. It will help fill your stomach, preventing overeating.

Take small plates. Instead of uploading a massive disc, use a smaller appetizer plate and not visit the buffet more than twice.

Do not deprive yourself. Do not let some goodies will only result in a major binge later. Enjoy a piece of cake. . . just do not eat the whole thing.

Many alcoholic drinks are loaded with empty calories. Try your favorites in lighter versions, such as light beer, wine coolers, or a mixed drink using club soda or juice.

Use form-fitting clothing to help you curb eating. You certainly will not want to feel stuffed or bloated while wearing anything even slightly revealing.

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