Most Common Symptoms Of Nerve Pain

Most Common Symptoms Of Nerve Pain

By | December 16, 2016

neuralgia is a medical condition characterized by nerve pain that comes and goes in an unpredictable manner. this pain is often described as a sharp, shooting pains, sometimes resembling electric shocks, and may affect a single nerve or group of nerves. neuralgia may be caused by a number of factors, including the natural progression of disease, trauma, or certain medications. treatment options depend directly cause of nerve pain, but some of the common treatment methods involve the use of prescription medications or surgery.

a decreased ability to sweat or development of trigger points are also common symptoms of neuritis. nerves are responsible for the ability to sweat, so if nerve damage has occurred, the body fails to produce sweat. Trigger points are areas on the skin that causes tremendous pain, even if only slightly touched. nerve tenderness, particularly in the upper part of the face and head, may also be among the possible symptoms of neuritis.
Treatment depends on the direct causes of the symptoms of nerve pain, if the reasons can be found. in some cases, symptoms of nerve pain disappear by itself, even without treatment. over-the-counter medicines can provide adequate pain relief for mild cases of neuralgia. stronger medication may be needed if the pain is severe or persistent. in the most severe cases, injections or nerve blocks used to ease painful symptoms of nerve pain.
in cases which have proved to be unresponsive to other treatment, surgical intervention may be necessary. There are various types of surgical procedures that can be used to treat nerve pain, including the use of heat or radio frequency. in some cases, the affected nerve which must be cut to avoid the pain returns.

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