To Eat Yogurt Be Healthy

To Eat Yogurt Be Healthy

By | December 16, 2016

Eat a cup of yogurt a day will boost your immune system, will kill the bacteria in your body, protects against cancer, make sure the yogurt is probotic and it says on the label “contains active yogurt cultures.” If it does not say this, then yogurt does not protect you against bacterial infections

You need:. .
All Natural Yogurt

soy yogurt.
blueberries (optional).

walnuts (optional).
honey (optional).

Find a container of yogurt in the dairy counter at your supermarket. There is a large selection, so be an informed shopper and read the ingredients before you buy yogurt. All natural yogurt is not fattening if you eat yogurt in moderation and have few added ingredients.

Buy the regular yogurt instead of cheaper store brand, or low calorie or fat free. Eat a container of yogurt that is sugar free with many additional ingredients are not healthy or probotic. They have many chemical additives, food coloring, and sucrose which itself is unhealthy for the body. Natural Yoghurt that healthy and protects the body against bacteria is not the same as eating frozen yogurt that is not healthy for the body.

Do not eat yogurt because they are affordable and has many added ingredients without first reading what to eat. Add berries, walnuts or honey to plain yogurt for a snack or a quick lunch that is both healthy, filling and good for your body.

Tips and Warnings

Plain low-fat yogurt is a great substitute for sour cream on baked potatoes.
Frozen yogurt is not the same as dairy yogurt that is more like ice cream.
Only yogurts that are probotic will act to protect against infections and cancer.

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