How To Commit To Exercise Every Day

How To Commit To Exercise Every Day

By | December 17, 2016

To stay in shape, you must commit to training every day. Exercise is an important part of losing weight, get lean and fighting a myriad of diseases. Deciding on training you need achieve a mindset where you can look forward to exercising every day

Find forms of exercise You Love

If you force yourself to do something you do not like you won “t be able to commit to it on a daily basis. Exercise comes in many forms. Like to dance? Play tennis? Go for a walk? Playing outside with kids? If you love certain TV programs, you can go on a treadmill while watching them? Write down all the ways you can look forward to training.

Sign up for Team Activities
Find a group of friends that you can sign up with for a team activity or fitness programs. Is there a Pilates class you can attend together? Register for a volunteer trip on a team and raise money for a good cause in the process? Commit to train together. Have your friends be your conscience.

Find Brand New ways to exercise that will challenge you

Have you always wondered what it would be like to sign up for boot camp and exercise as you would on Biggest Loser? Look for gyms with bootcamp classes in your area. Register! Have you always wanted to try water aerobic exercise? Check with your local YMCA and try it out.

Build in Consistent exercise in your daily schedule
Once you have identified ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, build times in the plan that is non-negotiable. If you’ve signed up for a class, make that a priority and make sure you treat it as such. Finding other ways to build in exercise. Park farther away from your workplace on a daily basis for an additional 5 minutes of exercise a day. Come home and take a walk or play with the kids outside. Find ways to make activity habitual and automatic.

Incorporate an extra 5 minutes of exercise into your morning routine

One way to commit to exercise is to start the day with an active mindset. If you turn on the tv the first morning while you are ready, commit to 5 minute workout in front of television right before you jump into the shower. There may be a couple of sets of jumping jacks, jogging in place or walk in place. If you start your day with exercise as a priority to continue to prioritize it during the day. Compete with yourself to add on additional minutes throughout the day.

Hold Exercise Log
Be your own personal trainer. Log daily exercise routine and adjust it to add more when you are incrementally stronger. You will be surprised how addictive it can be to see the minutes add up every week. Use fitness software to log your workout if you want something more elaborate. As you commit to train and yourself on a daily basis, you will find your confidence grows in other arenas as well. If you consider yourself as weak and lazy, you will act that way. If you consider yourself to be active and fit, which will carry over to the rest of your life too.

Do not be afraid to sweat and challenge yourself

Push yourself to reach new goals on a daily basis. Do not let a little workout and exercise scare you. You are able to be fit, lean, active and alive-all you need to do is commit to exercise on a daily basis and reap results

Tips and Warnings
Set up a routine that you like.

Once you have a routine in place exercise will be an automatic, regular part of your schedule.
Check with your doctor and make sure that the type of exercise you add routine is safe for you.

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