How To Eliminate Obesity In Our Children, Three Tips

How To Eliminate Obesity In Our Children, Three Tips

By | December 17, 2016

Are you worried that your children are overweight? Are you wondering what you can do to help them lose weight now?

There are four reasons for obesity in children. You can change three of them today
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The four causes of obesity in children are:

1) Environment
2) sedentary lifestyle

3) Poor Diet
4) Genetics

We may change all but genetics. The reality is if we do a good job with their surroundings, sedentary lifestyle and poor diet the fact that they are genetically predisposed to weigh more, will not have such a big effect on their mental and physical health.

environment we are concerned is the environment that parents create for them. First during prenatal care, what the mother eats? Does she know it effects her baby who eats the same. Similar effects lack of exercise also her children. Next, what are you feeding them as young children, and what can you do them to eat as they get older and begin to feed themselves. All fingers should not be pointed to the parents because as a society we feed our children garbage. The pesticides, additives unhealthy and that we put in our food and meat add anything to what they eat and how they live. The Food and Drug business selling pure death to an apathetic consumer. The government is doing and sometimes condones it. This is the environment we all grow up in. But the truth is available. Change your habits and your environment to save your life and the lives of your children.
They do what you do, not what you say!

As America and the world for that matter, developed we moved from an agricultural society to industrial and now service-based society. As we exchanged each generation got less and less physical exercise. Today, we spend hours watching television, playing video games and sitting at the computer on the internet. To reverse this trend and help children today cut off the TV, turn off the video games, and get away from the internet. Spend quality time playing together. Also have scheduled regular daily exercise with family. Hiking along, get them involved in sports or just supervised play. You as a parent can make this happen. You as a parent are responsible for their health and wellbeing. Take control and do this today.

Only we do not eat right. Our diets are rich in refined foods, sugar and salt. All adds no nutritional value. All add empty calories. Everyone takes time from our lives. Choose to eat a healthy diet in your home. 60% -70% of calories should be fresh fruit and raw vegetables. Reduce the amount of meat, fish, poultry and eating. Combined they should be less than 10% of your diet to get all the protein you need. In fact if you regularly eat whole grains, nuts and beans you do not have meat, fish or poultry at all. Not only will this dietary change to help the whole family lose weight, but you will also reduce the risk of most diseases.

There is nothing anyone can do about someone who is genetically predisposed to any disease except eliminate high risk factors. If someone has a family history of heart disease or cancer they should not smoke. Same is the case with obesity. Why live a sedentary lifestyle or eating a poor diet when you are prone to obesity. Worse than that why should a parent or government shirk its responsibility and put our children at risk?

Tips and Warnings

living a healthy lifestyle
exercise Daily
Eat a healthy diet

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