How To Lose Weight On The Negative Calorie Diet

How To Lose Weight On The Negative Calorie Diet

By | December 17, 2016

The Negative Calorie Diet is based on the idea that certain foods have “negative calories”. This is a bit misleading, because all food contains no calories. However require some foods make more calories to digest than they actually contain. These are foods that are considered “negative calorie” food

The basic idea of ??how to lose weight on the Negative Calorie Diet is to eat only foods that contain these negative calories
You need:. .

a large supply of negative calorie foods.


Go grocery shopping and fill up with these negative calorie foods :.
* apples

* asparagus
* beets

* blueberries
* cabbage

* cantelope
* carrots

* celery
* chicory

* Chili peppers
* lingonberry

* cucumbers
* dandelion

* endives
* Garden cress

* garlic
* grapefruit

* green beans
* lemons

* salad
* mango

* mango
* onion

* oranges
* papaya

* pineapple
* prunes

* Radishes
* raspberry

* spinach
* strawberries

* mandarins
* tomatoes

* turnips
* zucchini

Start your diet by making a large pot of soup with just negative calorie vegetables. This should last all week and helps to keep you full.

While doing your diet, you should strive to eat mainly negative calorie foods. It will work best if you eat ONLY negative calorie foods. You can eat as many of these foods as you want. Some say that the more you eat, the more weight you will lose.

Tips and Warnings

science that this is based on is questionable.
calorie nature of this diet can screw up your metabolism.

May not provide enough protein.
Weight loss will primarily be water weight and you can gain back the weight once you get out of your diet.

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