Side Effects Of Taking Royal Jelly

Side Effects Of Taking Royal Jelly

By | December 17, 2016

Many things in nature that are good for us, herbs have long been used to help cure and heal many physical and emotional problems. But some things from nature must be taken with caution since they can cause severe allergic reactions and even possibly be life-threatening. Royal jelly is believed to be one of the best nature has to offer, but it must be taken with caution because many people are allergic to it

Royal jelly is found in glands on the head of the worker bees and the queen bee feeds on it. There is a thick white gel substance containing water, protein, sugar, fat, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Royal jelly is believed to be beneficial for many health-related issues, including immune health, skin health, bone and joint health and heart disease. It is believed Royal Jelly even stimulate the growth of hair. But there is no medical evidence suggesting that Royal Jelly does indeed fix or improve any of these conditions.

People allergic to bees and honey or should avoid using royal jelly as it can cause severe rashes all over the body, putting people in anaphylactic shock and can even cause death. If you have a known allergic reaction to honey or bee stings do not attempt to take Royal Jelly.

It is not uncommon for asthma to be triggered by certain pollen. Royal Jelly has also been known to trigger asthma in people because it stimulates spasms in the lungs and cause bronchial problems. It is recommended that you do not take royal jelly if you are struggling with asthma or bronchitis get regularly.

Because bees collect pollen from all types of flowers, it is wise to use caution before taking Royal Jelly if you struggle with seasonal pollen-related allergies. Although you can not be allergic to bees or honey directly to pollen collected from flowers help produce honey can cause an allergic reaction.

Medical Help
If you have no knowledge of having an allergy to bees or honey, but is experiencing some of the symptoms listed above, and you have taken royal jelly, contact a medical professional immediately.

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