How To Lose Weight With 5 Meals A Day

How To Lose Weight With 5 Meals A Day

By | December 18, 2016

The concept behind losing weight by eating five meals a day is to eat smaller meals more often, and to curb hunger pangs as they happen. The main trick to lose weight this way is to eat low-calorie foods and be sure to exercise every day. Each meal should consist of something else, and you should ensure that you eat a well balanced diet


Eat fiber at breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal for people trying to lose weight. You should eat something containing fiber at this time to get your body moving. Good sources of breakfast fiber are wholegrain oats toast and fruit such as pears. Also eat breakfast within 1 hour after waking rids the body of the first morning hunger and interests metabolism.

Grab something next time you feel hungry after breakfast that you like to eat but does not add many calories to your diet. A good example would be a piece of fresh fruit or a small bag of cut carrots and celery. Without doubt, a few hours after breakfast, you will begin to feel hungry. This is a critical point in your morning diet. If you are used to gorge yourself with high-calorie foods, you need a little willpower. This second meal should be something small, but healthy that will tide you over until lunch.

Create each of the 5 meals something healthy. Stick to a dish or two small items. The goal of the 5 meals a day should be to eat something from each food group at least once. Food groups are bread, meat and poultry, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Munch on a salad with low calorie dressing or vinegar as dressing for lunch. This type lunch provides the vegetable nutrients you need to get through your afternoon. Ha fourth meal mid to late afternoon, and your fifth meal at about the dinner hour. Again, do not have large meals. Your last meal of the day, in fact, should be the smallest meal.

Count calories. Any calorie reduction for someone used to a high-calorie diet will lead to weight loss. A good calorie count for most individuals varies from 1,200 to 1,600 calories per day to lose weight. This is a reduction of at least 20 percent of the normal 2,000 calories an average person gets during an average day. If you plan out each of your five meals a day and count the calories in each, they can add up to a large reduction in calories and give you that extra metabolism increases you need at various points during the day. You can make some meals include more calories than others.

Tips and Warnings

eat five different times during the day boosts metabolism by five different occasions each day.
Avoid eating anything after your fifth meal for the day. Eat after dinner hour does not always allow your body to have enough time to digest the food. Instead stores the food as fat.

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