Nutritional Value Of Black Walnuts

Nutritional Value Of Black Walnuts

By | December 18, 2016

Black walnut, Juglans nigra, is also known as American walnut. Nuts, including black walnuts, have become very popular as an all-around source of nutrition and is preferred by those who exercise regularly as a good source of protein and energy. They have some critics who argue that nuts are high in fat, but taken as part of a balanced diet they have a very beneficial nutritional content, covering all major food groups

Calories in Black walnuts
In a typical 100-g serving of black walnuts (about 3.5 grams., Or slightly less than half cup), the 618 kilocalories and 2584 kilojoules. This is a very good source of quick energy for those on an active exercise regimen.

Protein in Black walnuts
Protein levels should be closely monitored by those who work outdoors or in a fitness regime. The protein contribution of black walnuts is 24 g per 100 g serving. This high level of protein necessary for cell growth and repair, and make nuts a very good option for those on a meat diet. This may be why dishes nut roast is so often used by vegetarians and vegans.

Fat content Black walnuts
Black walnuts are high in fat (59 g per 100 g serving). However, they are low in saturated fat (3.4 g) which tends to increase cholesterol, while they are high in monounsaturated (15 g) and polyunsaturated (35 g) fat. The latter two tend to lower blood cholesterol levels and are a desirable source of nourishment.

Calcium in Black walnuts
Black walnuts provide sources of essential minerals such as calcium (61 mg per 100 g serving), which is essential for bone and teeth maintenance, and 3 mg iron, necessary for oxygen transport through the blood.

Sodium in Black walnuts
Black walnuts also contain levels of mineral sodium (2 mg / 100 g serving) and potassium (523 mg), used in the body for the activation of many enzymes, an example is pyruvate kinase which is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism.

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