Unwanted Weight Loss

Unwanted Weight Loss

By | December 18, 2016

Obesity is a common cause of numerous health problems, including hypertension and heart disease. Many people turn to diet pills, exercise, dieting and other weight loss remedies to lose weight for health or other cosmetic reasons. But there are some who use weight loss strategies that can actually be harmful to their health. Not only are these weight loss methods harmful, but they can also be very ineffective in permanently keep weight off. The following weight loss methods are undesirable.

Anorexia is an eating disorder with a psychological component to it. Some anorexics believe they are overweight when they are in place seriously underweight. Anorexics often skip meals, exercise excessively and obsess over weight.

Bulimia is the practice of vomiting up food to reduce the number of calories consumed, with the hope of losing weight. Bulimics want to be able to eat without gaining weight. However, excessive vomiting damage the esophagus and teeth. Excessive vomiting can also cause digestive problems because it damages the abdominal muscles.

Crash Dieting
Some people take healthy diet to an extreme. Weight loss with the price of three pounds every two weeks is healthy. But some choose to dramatically reduce their calorie intake while exercising too much. The body often do not have time to adapt to the rapid weight loss. Crash diets can lead to severe hunger, depression, fatigue, heart disease, nerve problems and muscle problems. Crash dieting can also lead to kidney, heart and liver to fail.

Yo-yo dieting occurs when a dieter successfully achieve your desired weight, leaving the diet and exercise regime, and recycles its weight. Yo-yo dieting usually occurs as a result of a loss of self-motivation or lack of understanding of how metabolism works. This can result in the same health problems as a result of crash dieting.

Fasting for a day have minimal or no health problems. But some choose to fast for several days to lose weight. Those who stop drinking liquid completely will become dangerously dehydrated for two days or less. Fortunately, some fasters drink water to stay hydrated. Some fasters drink vegetable juice to minimize the effects of malnutrition. But vegetable juices do not always provide all the nutrients needed.

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