What To Eat While Detoxing

What To Eat While Detoxing

By | December 18, 2016

There are shelves on shelves of books dedicated to the process of detoxification through diet, but the heart of the matter is — if you lighten the body’s digestive system load, it will have so much more energy to take care of themselves. Detox diets rely on a balance of two things — elimination of toxic substances and emphasis on cleansing food — to reach that goal

The reason to change what you eat while you detox are not strictly to lose weight (although you certainly will). The point is to reduce the burden that you’re pushing your body to process so that it can use these energies for self-repair. Digestion takes up between 40 and 60 percent of the body’s daily energy and processed foods tax the digestive system. Eliminating the processed foods releases a much larger proportion of energy for the body to use to remove the toxic backlog.

There are countless forms of menu plans available to those undertaking a detox diet. Some involve fixed completely, taking only water, others advocate eliminating all solid food, subsisting on juices and broths, still others are “monody,” so that only one food (for example melon) while detoxing. The easiest for most committed dieters to follow is simpler and more sustainable — eliminating all toxic substances (caffeine, alcohol, non-prescription drugs) and eat nothing but fresh, organic products and limited amounts of whole grains.

Much has been made of the “symptoms” of a detox diet — headaches, abdominal pain, gas, muscle pain and even mild fever which are said to give enterprises a strict detox program. Many of these symptoms are easily attributed to withdrawal of toxic substances in the dieter is to eliminate typical (caffeine). If really intolerable symptoms manifest, it should dieter make sure she gets genuinely kind to the body and approaching detox as a life-affirming, proactive measure and not a form of self-punishment for “bad behavior”.

One of the unifying theories most detox diets are the primary importance of light, water-rich foods help the body rid itself of toxins. The enzyme-rich water that exist in fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, combined with the inherent fiber content of raw materials, helps the body to “scrub” on the inside, carrying away old debris and toxins in its wake.

No bodies are alike and so no two bodies will react the same way to a detox diet. One person may benefit best from a water fort, another must structure of a well mapped menu plan, another must supplement support, and still another can be quite successful with just a few things eliminated from the diet. There is a sense of all-or-nothing much detox diet literature, ultimately, the best results come from thoughtful research and listen carefully to one’s body.

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