How To Lose Weight Skating

How To Lose Weight Skating

By | December 19, 2016

Are you looking for a fun way to lose weight? Figure skating may be the perfect solution. A good figure-skating session will keep your heart rate up and help you to strengthen a number of muscles. Best of all, it’s great fun. There are always new skills to learn and old moves to perfect, which all helps to provide ongoing motivation to exercise. Make a commitment to figure-skate three times a week for three months, and you will begin to feel and look-a difference in your body

You need:
Figure skating.

How to lose weight Figure Skating


Buy skates. Most rent skates provided by skating rinks do not offer the necessary ankle support. Ask your local court for a skate-hop recommendation. You should have your feet measured by a knowledgeable salesperson. She can help you find the right skates for your skill level and budget. Skaters at more advanced levels typically buy boot and blade separately.

Consider signing up for group or private lessons reaction. Most rinks offer courses for both adults and children. These classes help you learn new skills, keep you from picking up bad habits and providing some structure and extra motivation.

Dress for success. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. Dress in layers, although the ice rink itself can be cold, you will soon sweating

Start a skating session at skating around the track several times (stroking..), Followed by a few minutes of stretching.

For the rest of your time on the ice, concentrating on keeping moving constantly. Try different moves to keep things interesting, and to force you to use different muscles.

Work on developing new figures skating moves, as well as improving basic skills. The better you are skating, the easier it will be to keep your heart rate up and burn calories. Concentrate on speed and power.

Tips and Warnings

Do not be afraid to fall. Falling is the first taught most skating classes. Accept that you fall at times and learn how to do it safely.

Get a friend to become a skating buddy. You can encourage and motivate each other.
Do not wear jeans or loose clothing while skating. These can inhibit your ability to move and may also present a safety hazard.
Do not cut corners by buying or renting poor quality skates. It is important to have the right skates.

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