How To Lose Weight Without Having A Diet Program

How To Lose Weight Without Having A Diet Program

By | December 19, 2016

Are you lose weight, but you do not want to give up your favorite foods or counting calories? Well, it’s an easy way to cut weight while still enjoying your favorite foods. The secret of success is not what you eat but how much of it you eat. The focus of this strategy is on the psychological and behavioral eating habits that we have. Follow these steps and you will cut your waistline while enjoying the food you love

You need:.

small plates.


It is in people’s behavior to eat what’s on the plate, so the first step is to buy and use smaller plates. People tend to fill their plate and eat everything on it, so if you take a smaller plate you will be likely to fill it with less food but still feel full when you finish everything on your plate.

The other steps should be learning to eat food slower. It takes about 15-20 minutes for you to feel full, so if you quickly eat the food, you can still fell hungry while if you ate the same amount of food in a long time, you will feel fuller and do not want to eat more. This can be achieved by taking smaller bites and chew as well as to do something while you eat something that will extend the time you eat.

Another measure is to keep food out of the area. If we have a bowl of candy to embark on a table, it will be difficult for us to say no when we see it. Although we are disciplined, we would still have to fight us every time we place the bowl of candy. If it is out of range, we do not make decisions on whether we take a piece if we did not think about it.

Another measure that can be taken is to buy smaller packages of food. If you have a regular size bag of potato chips, you are likely to eat until you feel full. The secret is to buy smaller packages of chips or some food and eat the package. If you finished eating a small bag of chips, you’re more likely to stop eating when the bag is completed rather than when you feel full.

When you eat out at a restaurant, try to control your portions. They often give you more food as you need and as I mentioned earlier, it is our nature to be done with food in front of us. As for restaurants, you can either order starters as a main course or ask the server to give you half now and break up the other half for you to take home.

Finally, you must learn to stop eating when you are no longer hungry, not stop eating when you are full. To distinguish between the two, then you are on your way to successfully lose weight by eating less.

Tips and Warnings

Not reduce overeating, where you feel hungry. This will probably cause you to binge eat when you feel hungry.

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