Popcorn Security

Popcorn Security

By | December 20, 2016

We eat popcorn at the movies, at home in front of our TV and even at work. It’s hard to believe that such a popular snack could hold hidden dangers. As with all other foods, we must be aware of how eating popcorn can affect us

Pulmonary Disease
A chemical in the butter flavoring in microwave popcorn called Diacetyl is most likely responsible for a rare lung disease in more workers in microwave popcorn industry, according to Safety and Health Administration. Since the report was published, have some popcorn companies removed diacetyl from its flavoring recipes.

microwave popcorn bags are coated with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), same man-made chemicals used in Teflon coated pans. In a 2008 report, said Penn State Food Safety Extension that although the Environmental Protection Agency shows PFOA could be a carcinogenic substance, Food Drug Administration found that the amount transferred from the bag lining the popcorn is extremely low.

Health risks related to popcorn can come from surprising places. In a 2009 press release, the Caudill Seed Company, Inc. reported that they were recalling Wegmans Organic Butter Flavor Microwave Popcorn because it possibly contained black milk ingredients. People with milk allergies may have unwittingly ingested milk ingredients while snacking on popcorn.

Another security risk associated with popcorn is potential for small children to choke on it. Department of Human Services in Oregon recommends asking your doctor about when your child is old enough to eat foods like popcorn.

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