What Foods Are Bad For Diabetics?

What Foods Are Bad For Diabetics?

By | December 21, 2016

No food is absolutely forbidden for you when you have diabetes. However, you must show restraint when they eat certain foods high in carbohydrates, refined sugar, fat and cholesterol. You also need to drink alcohol in moderation, if at all. Knowing how food affects blood sugar — a characteristic largely reflected in every food is glycemic index value — is important to prevent problems from potentially problematic foods

Starch is pure carbohydrates that convert easily into glucose — sugar the body uses for energy — when they are digested. Starch in the form of bread, cereal, rice and potatoes make up a large part of most people’s diet, and you should not cut them out completely because these foods provide readily available energy and fiber. Starch to avoid or just eat occasionally and in small quantities, but includes white bread, sweet cereals and potatoes, all of which have especially high glycemic index values ??and low fiber content. Potatoes, especially, may be dietary grenades for diabetics when served as french fries soaked in highly sugared ketchup or baked side dishes dressed with cheese, sour cream and chili.

refined sugar
You must monitor the intake of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, candies and sweets like cake when you have diabetes because nothing raises blood sugar easier than intake of sugar. You will not avoid all sugar, it looks like an ingredient in too much food. What you can do is not eat desserts, do not drink regular soda or eat candy except when you know you need to quickly raise blood sugar (f. Ex, when you feel lightheaded).

Saturated fat / trans fat
Special food high in saturated (solid) and trans fats you should avoid when you have diabetes butter, margarine, shortening (f. Ex, Crisco) and whole milk. Also trim and waste fat around meat — no more pork cracklins. While fats do not contain carbohydrates or have high glycemic index values, fat makes composite many risk factors and complications from diabetes such as obesity, atherosclerosis and heart attack or stroke. Whole milk pose a particular problem for diabetics because it is high in both fat, in the form of milk (i.e., cream), and sugar, in the form of lactose.

As with fatty foods, you will do well to limit your intake of foods high in cholesterol, particularly egg yolks and organ meats such as liver.

The American Diabetes Association recommends that diabetics to drink alcohol only if they know their blood sugar is under control, do not have other conditions that alcohol can make worse and understand how much alcohol will lower your blood sugar. Even when diabetics meet these criteria, they should limit themselves to one or two drinks and never drink alcohol without eating first, according to the ADA.

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