How To Avoid Infection With Gluten

How To Avoid Infection With Gluten

By | December 22, 2016

Many people today are learning from celiac disease’s. This disease is prohibited from consuming gluten, a protein found in wheat. Gluten, in any amount, causing serious damage to the intestine results in vomiting or diarrhea along with a dramatic change in behavior. Children with autism are often encouraged to stay away from gluten and to promote good behavior and increases learning ability. Read my article for simple tips to avoid cross-contamination in restaurants or at home

You need:.
Will Power.

When eating out always ask the following questions. What boils you do in your fryer besides fries? If they cook chicken, breaded appetizers, or anything with gluten must avoid. Ask if they toast their buns on the same grill as hamburgers before ordering a burger no bun. McDonald’s has dedicated fryers for their fries. Many other restaurants also. ALWAYS ASK.

Next ask what ingredients they use in their sauces and any starters you might consider. Beware of cream bases sauces as they usually contain flour. Ask if they will use a clean spatula to cook. Explain that the severity of this disease, and the server will work with you. Of course you can give a Gluten Intolerance cards and bring food to your child or yourself. This avoids contamination.

When cooking at home using a special spoon for stirring regular food and gluten-free food. Never, use the same cutlery as it will cause pollution. Never toast gluten-free pastry or bread in the toaster as regular bread. Using mayonnaise or other spreadable items (butter, peanut butter) Use a clean knife every time you dip into the container.

Tips and Warnings

Of course you should always look a restaurant before going out to eat.
Research articles on the internet for new information.

Always read the ingredients carefully
This has contributed to our home but when going out for dinner, there is always going to be a chance for contamination.

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