How To Stop Snacking

How To Stop Snacking

By | December 22, 2016

Learn some tips to stop snacking! It is a common habit, but you can overcome it with a little willpower! Lose weight and be much healthier

You need:!.
Will Power

Gum or hard candy.
Fresh fruit or vegetables.

So you want to stop snacking, eh? Do not worry. You are not alone! Many people have a snacking habit, but you can get over it with a few tips and a little willpower!

One of the main reasons people snack is because they feel hungry between meals. One way to prevent this is by eating more filling food. Instead of having a small bowl of soup or salad that will just leave you dissatisfied, eat a meal hardy. Bring more meat and filling fruit and vegetables such as apples, potatoes, carrots,

The best advice I can give is * Try not to buy snacks in the first place *! If you have them, you eat them. Why tempt yourself? Avoid buying salty and sugary snacks like chips, cookies and candy.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a good option to buy.

Next up, Keep your mouth busy!
(Haha! I know, I know. No jokes please!)

What I mean by keeping your mouth busy is to try to chew gum after eating. You have a sweet taste in the mouth, good breath, and you can kiss your snack cravings good bye!
The same works with low calorie hard candy.


Keep your hands busy! (Ahhh. Haha! I get it. Here we go with the jokes again.)
Some snack because they are bored. While watching TV try to do crossword puzzles, knitting, drawing, writing, or something else to keep you from taking a handful of snacks.

Finally, if you just want a snack, pick healthy foods such as carrots, celery and apple slices! A granola bar or a cup of yogurt is a healthy choice too!


Tips and Warnings

You may not be able to stop snacking overnight, but hopefully over time, you can break the habbit!

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