Know If I’m Allergic To Wheat

Know If I’m Allergic To Wheat

By | December 22, 2016

There are a number of diagnostic tools that can be used to determine whether a patient is allergic to wheat and narrow allergy to certain wheat components. These tests can be performed and supervised by an allergy specialist. allergy clinics, some hospitals and other medical centers can offer screening for wheat and other potential allergens. it may take several weeks or months to properly diagnose an allergy in someone who is allergic to wheat because these allergies tend to be complex.

someone who is allergic to wheat may be encouraged to try an elimination diet. patient cuts back diet to very bland foods and then gently introduce new foods and takes note of the response. when the patient experiences an allergic reaction, the last food consumed can be targeted as potential allergy culprits. for someone who is allergic to wheat, it is crucial to read food labels carefully during an elimination diet because many foods contain wheat where it may not be expected. soy sauce, for example, are sometimes produced with wheat.
skin-prick test can be performed in which the patient is exposed to certain allergens, and response is monitored. such testing is usually safe because allergen doses are very small, but patients still need to be monitored in case they react badly. Another option is a challenge test involving eating small amounts of concentrated allergens. Blood testing can be used as well and can be recommended if a doctor is concerned that skin prick or challenge tests might threaten a patient.

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