Raw Food Diet Rules

Raw Food Diet Rules

By | December 22, 2016

Raw food diets cleanse the digestive system, energize you and can help any physical ailments. Although it can be daunting trying to prepare food in such a radically different way, the basic principles of raw food is very simple

Invest in a couple of key Kitchen Tools
The most nutritious foods that can be eaten raw seeds, nuts, seeds and nuts oils, most vegetables and fruits. A salad is raw food (if it does not have animal products such as cheese or ranch dressing), but survive on lettuce alone is a sure way to grow hungry and tired. To really enjoy raw food, invest in some equipment that will help you manipulate the shape and structure, a juicer, a dehydrator, one sprouter and a food processor. You can use the juicer to make vegetable or fruit juice, the dehydrator to dry seeds and almonds paste bread, the sprouter to soak grains, nuts and beans, and food processor to make soups, sauces and flavorful spreads.

Plan a menu and make some food in advance
The nature of some raw foods makes it necessary to start preparations well in advance of a meal. For example, it takes at least a day to sprout grains and nuts. Put them in clean water containing no chemicals, including fluorine. You can eat them when they germinated seed is still inside the nut, or wait until it is further along and shows. Change the water at least once a day. You can eat nuts raw, but you only get the full nutritional value when you start the germination process with water. You can do this with almost any seeds.

There are many raw food recipes online. It’s raw versions of spaghetti (with thin treated squash) and tacos (dehydrated seed paste shell). Basically, be sure to plan at least three days ahead so that you have an adequate amount of sprouted items, dehydrated elements and correctly produce. Always keep sea salt, olive oil and almonds on hand-this is common ingredients. Think of your favorite food, then do a search for raw versions.

prepare for your body to react
When you start a diet of raw foods, be aware that it cleans your system. Years of accumulated junk can begin to move out of your body, and this is not fun. It probably will not be extreme, but you may feel achy and tired, and you can take more trips to the bathroom than you normally do. This is normal and will go quickly.

The beauty of eating this way is that there is no restriction on the amount or variety of food, just the nature of it. It is much closer to the way your body was designed to eat than what usually passes for a normal diet. Try it for a month and see how different you feel.

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