About Food Packaging

About Food Packaging

By | December 24, 2016

There are many things to consider when choosing materials to pack food to transportation. The type of food, how long transfers will take and what assumptions the food shall be simultaneously transmitted are important issues. Thus, the packaging for food are almost as numerous as the issues to consider

Leaves A natural way to wrap food to be eaten shortly thereafter is to use the leaves as wrappers. The leaves of banana is often used to wrap various fruits. In Africa there are areas on the continent using the leaves of Palmyra palm tree to create boxes to transport foods that have been cooked.

Wood is often used for food transport due to their strength and ability to be stacked. Many foods are transported in this way, such as baking and vegetables. Some countries that produce tea, like India and China, uses three chests to transport their tea because of the forest “cheap price. Some liquid foods such as edible oils and wine, usually sent three containers mostly because of the tree’s ability to improve its quality and taste.

Plastic containers offer a cheap and reusable method of shipping food. Plastics can also remove the risk of splinters and pollution. Another plastic item that is usually used for packing food is plastic film. The film can be flexible and protects against unwanted moisture. The plastic film can come in many varieties to meet the requirements of the food. These varieties include variable thickness, heat resistance and flexibility.

Large drums or metal containers are generally used in the shipment of liquids. These liquids include juice and various oils. The containers keep out most moisture and protects the contents from being tampered with. However, metal containers are heavy in weight and therefore more expensive to send.

Pickles, jams and some juice often travels in glass containers. The glass can hold moisture and odors from the food inside. Glass containers are also reusable and stackable easily. Unfortunately, because of their weight, they are more expensive to send. Besides, traveling over rough roads leading to breakage.

Foods such as fruits, meat and flour are often sent various paper wrapping. The type commonly used flour called sulfate, while sulphite paper is sometimes used for meat and various dairy items. Tissue paper is used at times to protect things like fruit from being damaged during shipping.
Ice cream and other frozen foods is often transported using cardboard boxes. Larger cardboard containers can be circular and often are used to move the peanut butter. These cardboard containers are generally lower in weight than their metal counterparts making them a less expensive alternative.

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