How To Become Overweight

How To Become Overweight

By | December 24, 2016

Usually we look at how to lose weight.

However, if we turn the thought pattern and see how we become overweight, it can deter us from getting as much weight. Here is how it happens
You need:.

Lots of Junk Food Mobile No Exercise.
A Couch.

No self-control.


Couch Potato. We are a couch potato with a bag of chips, cookies, cakes, candy, soft drinks and so much other junk food.

Eat late at night. We eat late at night and then go and sit down or rather lie down. When we are inactive that food becomes fat and we begin to get an excessive amount of weight.

Do not ever exercise. We gain weight when we sit down or lie down all day and not move at all. If we continually eat all day and is completely inactive, we will never be able to shed those excess pounds.

Eat all the food we see all the time. We have no control, eating day and night. . . from early morning rising to late at night.

Imagine not eating healthy. We eat lots of candy with lots of sugar. We are not aware of the bad effects of eating so much fast food as we dash here and there. The healthy diet is not even entertained. We just eat! eat! eats!

Tips and Warnings

Think carefully before you follow the 5 steps above.
eating without control may shorten your life considerably.

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