How To Choose A Tortilla

How To Choose A Tortilla

By | December 24, 2016

These days there are a variety of tortillas you can buy. Besides the basic grains of either corn or wheat a tortilla have different textures and flavors. While one is not better than the other, it depends on the right you do. Here is some advice for choosing tortillas

Tortilla -. .

They have a smooth texture and is very mild. You should also try to choose the healthiest tortilla you possibly can. Look for “whole wheat” as the first ingredient. Do not be fooled by either “stone-ground” or “multigrain” as these are not always whole grain

corn tortillas -. .
They have a robust structure and mild taste corn. To choose the healthiest option look for either “whole-grain” or “whole-grain cornmeal” as the first ingredient

gluten-FREE tortillas -. .

These tortillas are made with rice flour and has a smooth texture with a mild rice flavor. Those with it allergies or suffer from celiac disease can still enjoy tortillas with this number

WHOLE wheat tortillas -. .

They have a robust structure with a wheaty flavor. They are a healthy choice for those who want to add more whole wheat. You can also find organic versions in the market.
You should also look at fiber tortillas contain. Whole-grain foods usually have more fiber than those made with refined grains. You should always try to add fiber to your daily diet that people do not get the recommended amount.

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