How To Lose Weight By Metabolism Control

How To Lose Weight By Metabolism Control

By | December 24, 2016

So many diet seems to be out just in time for summer. Nearly all diets I see on the market today seems like they’re just in it for the money. Most actually do not even make sense scientifically and clearly not working. The best and least expensive way to control weight is metabolism control

You need:. .
3 weeks

ability to eat more.


The first step would be to find ways to sneak in 2 more small meals per day within a week to a week and a half time period. If your always on the go a healthy snack would do.

Eat at least five times a day for about a week or until you start to feel hungry 5 times a day. This is when you know that your body has adapted to his new feeding cycle. You now have manipulated metabolism.

Now that your metabolism is used to being fed 5 times a day, go back to eat three times a day for the rest of the three weeks. Your body will continue to burn fat at a faster rate because it is used to getting food 5 times a day and only get 3 meals. Even if you eat larger meals to make up for the missing two meals you will still lose wait weather cause the body burns these meals almost instantly.

Tips and Warnings

It always helps to eat a small green salad BEFORE meals and includes fruit for desert.

You do not really have to count calories or go protein crazy if you do not want. Its okay to have Ice Cream or Burgers when you do this.
Drink more water with meals. You can still drink juice and soda, but drinking water can help reduce appetite.

For guys who want to bulk up, works metabolic control even when done in reverse to gain weight. If you exercise you will have better food and try to include beans and nuts into most of your meals
Although this might work every time, takes metabolism control discipline and effort.
Your metabolism will adjust back to three days eating cycle after about a week to a week and a half.

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