Cures For Loss Of Appetite

Cures For Loss Of Appetite

By | December 25, 2016

While a temporary loss of appetite is no reason to be fearful, and may in some cases be welcome to drop a few pounds, to lengthy reluctance eating is a serious matter

Make it a habit to take a multivitamin with a mineral supplement every day. These can help to stimulate appetite. If you are on medication for another illness, you can go to the doctor and adjust medications so they do not affect appetite.

food habits
If you do not feel like eating at all, changing your diet. Think of food as you might like to have, and add them to your diet. Have as much as you want of these new foods to take the greatest possible nutrients that food provides. Also, smaller meals regularly. Drink close to 2 L of water each day to avoid dehydration.

Feeling anxious, worried or depressed can cause loss of appetite. Visit a counselor or take antidepressant medication to pull you out of the problem and get back appetite.

Home Remedies
There are certain home remedies that are known to provide relief from loss of appetite. Eating orange slices sprinkled with black salt (used in Indian cuisine) and dried ginger powder can whet your appetite. Another remedy is to have raisins with black pepper and salt. Daily consumption of juice of coriander leaves, or a mixture of ginger juice, honey, salt and water can help bring back your desire to eat. You can also mix a portion of ground rock salt with four parts of the ground unrefined sugar powder in hot water after meals to increase appetite.

There are other measures as well. Puree and strain some water-soaked tamarind and drink the solution with salt and black pepper, or add salt to cooked, ground cumin and take half spoon after each meal with water. Eating fruit, such as praying, available in Indian grocery stores, and boiled fenugreek and bitter gourd can help bring back the appetite. Have a glass of water before the meal, one guava after a meal and tomatoes any time during the day to whet your appetite. Tender wheat grass juice taken daily is known to stimulate the appetite too.

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