How Much Chrome To Take For Weight Loss?

How Much Chrome To Take For Weight Loss?

By | December 25, 2016

Chromium is a mineral found in soil, water, plants and animals. A diet with highly processed foods can lead to chromium deficiency and lead to increased risk of disease and diabetes. Chromium aids in the metabolism of glucose, protein and fat. It reduces cravings for sweet foods by stabilizing blood sugar. Chromium picolinate, combined with a chelated form which is easily absorbed to promote fat loss and increase lean muscle. Studies show that extra chrome picolonate also fights osteoporosis and high cholesterol.

Dietary Sources of Chromium
Beer, brewer’s yeast, molasses, liver, dulse seaweed, eggs, mushrooms and cheese all contain chromium. Whole grains, dairy products and potatoes can be sources, too. The amount of chromium and other minerals found in food can be small if they are dependent on depleted soil and water. Herbs that contain chromium containing nettles, wild yam, licorice, red clover, sarsaparilla, yarrow and catnip.

The body’s need for Chromium
Pregnant and athletes require more chromium. People over 40 years are more likely to be deficient. A diet heavy in refined sugar, flour and junk food causes the body to lose chromium. When the body has too little chromium, a person feel anxious and tired, metabolism of amino acids in the protein is impaired and the risk of coronary heart disease goes up. Diabetics deficient in chromium has more glucose intolerance, their symptoms worse.

Chromium Aids Weight Loss
Chromium picolinate is a supplement that can help the body burn fat, increase muscle mass and speed up metabolism when combined with diet and exercise. Take 200-600 mcg daily. You should note reduced sugar cravings with this dose.

Dangers of Too Much Chromium
Individual tolerance of chromium supplements varies. Toxic levels can cause eczema, stomach ulcers and liver and kidney damage.

Chromium supplements can reduce insulin requirements in insulin-dependent diabetes, so monitor your blood sugar carefully and consult a doctor to find a proper dose if you have this disease.

discontinue use of supplements if you feel dizzy or unsteady. Consult a health care professional before resuming a lower dose.
Stop using or change brands if a skin rash develops.

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