How To Lose Weight And Keep It

How To Lose Weight And Keep It

By | December 25, 2016

Are you frustrated in your struggle to lose weight? Are you concerned about how to maintain your weight after you lose it? Here are some tips to help you get the body you want and stay healthy

You need:. .
Time to plan your meals

Time to exercise.
paper / pen

to start your weight loss journey -. . begin spending the first 2-3 days write down what you eat and drink-along with the associated calorie and fat content (read labels). Find out what your total calorie intake should be per day (see physician to determine this)

Plan your meals (including snacks) around your daily calorie intake. Write down your meal list and buy groceries for the week at once. If it helps, you can also cook or purse up snacks in advance so they’re ready for you, and requires no thinking / or cooking when you’re hungry.

Great food to include in your diet are lean proteins (boneless / skinless chicken breast, fish, low-fat cheese and other low-fat dairy products, legumes), whole grains (multi-grain bread, brown rice, oats), lots of colorful vegetables (eat rainbow ), and a variety of fruits. .

Start an exercise program-KEEP IT SIMPLE. Walk for 30-45 minutes at least 3-4 times a week (working up to this if it is difficult for you). Try to go faster as it becomes easier. This will get your heart rate up. Later introduce some resistance training (using an exercise ball, bands, or weights-you need professional instruction). .

Finally, incorporate all of these things into your daily / weekly routine and you’ll feel more energetic and lose weight.

Tips and Warnings

Try eating whole foods versus process foods

Plan your training in your calendar (make yourself do it)
Once you learn healthy habits of diet and exercise, it is easy to keep with it

Remember it is not a “diet”, it is to live healthy (eating / exercise)
It takes time to lose weight and get healthy, do not expect results immediately.

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