Interesting Facts About Poppy

Interesting Facts About Poppy

By | December 25, 2016

Poppy seeds are used as a seasoning, baked and / or sprinkled on pastries. Poppyseed rolls are very popular, especially around the holidays. Many bake their own or buy poppy rolls with nut rolls from a local bakery

You need:. .
Fresh, organic vegetables

Antibiotic-free beef, chicken, fish, lamb.
Herbal tea.

Brown or wild rice.



The poppy plant is native to Asia. Poppy seeds were used as a spice as early as the first century. It has been revered for its medicinal properties. The plant has been associated with sleep and used to treat insomnia. It was considered sacred to Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep. In ancient Greece, the poppy was introduced as medicine by Hippocrates.

Poppy seeds are small dried seed has a nutty flavor. Poppy’s head of poppy plant. The poppy plant is the plant which opium is derived. Although opium is produced in pods all parts of the plant may contain opium alkaloids like morphine and codeine. Some plants are specially bred to contain less alkaloids.

Poppy seeds are used primarily for baking. The seeds used in rolls, breads and cakes. They also spread the pastry as toppings. Poppy seeds are also used in birdseed and pressed into cakes for livestock feed. The oil comes from the poppy seeds used in cooking and soap making.

Poppy has been cultivated for over 3000 years. Throughout history, the plant has been revered for its medicinal properties. It has been used as an expectorant in cough syrup and as an infusion to treat ear and toothache. The seeds have been effective in treating insomnia, inflammation, fever, dysentery and irritation among other disorders. The healing properties poppy has been greatly studied and well documented. The seeds have nutritional value as well since they are rich in linoeic acid, oleic acid and unsaturated fatty acids. Poppies is one of the most cultivated medicinal herbs in the world.

Poppy seeds are also believed to have metaphysical properties. It is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Poppy seeds have been used for divination. It is also used in amulets and charms to give love, money and happiness. The red poppy has been a symbol for fallen warriors throughout history.

People often express concern over the narcotic properties poppy plant that poppy seeds are derived. While it is true that the immature seeds of the plant contains alkaloids such as morphine and codeine, which can be addictive the mature seeds used for culinary purposes containing minute amounts if any at all. The traces found in poppy seeds is not large enough to cause any kind of addiction. However, it is important to remember that even traces of alkaloids can cause a false positive result in certain drug tests. The alkaloids may remain in the body for up to two days after consumption of poppy seeds and can affect test results during that time.

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