Eating Healthy When Eating Out

Eating Healthy When Eating Out

By | December 26, 2016

Eating out can be a caloric nightmare filled with fat, but it need not be. If you choose the right foods when you go out and pick restaurants that serve healthy menu items, you can eat out without gaining weight

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Do your research. Look up the restaurant you are thinking of going to go to their website and look at the nutrition information. All the major fast food restaurants and big chain restaurants have their nutrition information posted on their websites. If eatery not have nutrition information, check out the menu items to see if they offer fresh, healthy food.

If you go for fast food, beware of tricks that $ 1 menu items or super sizing things that will add tons of calories for not much money. You can still eat quickly and cheaply with a Burker King Veggie Burger, one Subway sandwich with yogurt instead of chips or fresh food from a local restaurant. Try a pita sandwich, vegetables and rice, Indian cuisine, sushi, or other options without much dairy or red meat.

If you go to a sit-down restaurant, watch out for the huge share many of them offer. Save money and calories by splitting a plate and add a healthy appetizer and tasty drink that tea. If you tend to pig out when you go out or you go when you’re hungry, eat a light meal beforehand to save yourself a big calorie fest, and also a large bill.


Many restaurants claim they are “healthy” or people assume they are because they serve sandwiches or salads. The kind sandwich and dressings can make or break healthiness so do not load up on regular mayonnaise or thick dressing. Instead, opt for extras pepper or spices, low-fat mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and grease dressing. Watch out for salads with high fat dressings or empty calories. Quiznos is an example of a sandwich shop that carries surprisingly unhealthy elements. The large tuna melts, for example, has 2,000 calories and a large veggie sub at Quizno’s has 1,220 calories and 75 grams of fat!

Think in terms of nutrition. It is not realistic or healthy eating all diet foods or substitutes, but try to avoid empty calories. Things like chips and soft drinks are full of calories and hardly any (or no) nutrition so does your body and your wallet a favor and skip these. Try McDonald’s Yogurt Parfait for a great side item or a fruit salad for something sweet. Watch out for salads with high fat dressings or empty calories. Plus, a salad with lettuce and tomato limp has almost no nutritional value, and is a waste of money.

Tips and Warnings

Check out websites that track popular restaurants’ nutrition, and you can turn up a lot of your favorite places on a web page. See links below.
Of course not, starve yourself or just have a Diet Coke. An unhealthy element here and there will not kill you, and most places have at least one decent thing on the menu.

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