Health Benefits Of Drinking

Health Benefits Of Drinking

By | December 26, 2016

Water makes a good percentage of body cells devices. It is also an important part of the blood and lymphatic system. The human body loses water each day through normal breathing, sweating and elimination. It needs a continuous intake of fresh, clean water to function at its best. Consuming 6 to 8 glasses of water daily is the recommended dose for optimal health

Water plays an important role in the proper functioning of all organs and body parts.

Cell Benefits
Water is required by cells to better absorb oxygen and to work properly.

Aids Digestion
Water is necessary for the body to digest food properly. Lack of water in the body leads to constipation, which can lead to a host of other problems.

Aides circulation
If your body is dehydrated, the blood becomes thick, causing difficulty in circulation. Poor circulation can lead to headaches and fatigue.

regulating Temperature
Water helps regulate body temperature by cooling the body in hot weather and insulating body in colder weather.

liver and kidney flush
Adequate amounts of water in the body aids in the excretion of body wastes and toxins by flushing the liver and kidneys. People suffering from kidney stones may benefit from drinking eight glasses of water daily as it helps to dissolve calcium in the urine.

skin Benefits
Ninety percent of the skin is composed of water, and water is required to keep the skin smooth. A regular supply of water helps to moisturize the skin and help the muscles to contract properly.

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