Healthy Eating Cheap And Lose Weight

Healthy Eating Cheap And Lose Weight

By | December 26, 2016

Most say they would eat healthy, but unfortunately, can not afford it. I keep hearing things like “healthy food is too expensive and I’m broke.” Well I myself am far from rich and I’ve found ways to eat healthy for cheap

You need:.
Wallet / money clip or purse (amount of money is not important)

. Transportation (If eating cheap, chances are they do not deliver).
Determination and patience (sometimes hard to stick with it).

First you need to be aware of what is and is not healthy. Stop fooling yourself. You order a milkshake and only drink half, with the excuse that it is half the calories, is laughable at best and will only add to the problem. Accommodate yourself with things on the menu and in your local grocery store that is healthy and diet friendly. This means no dessert. Fried foods is a GIVEN NO NO. . . hopefully. Drinks are loaded with sugar. Your body will ultimately convert this into fat. So sugar in general should be avoided. Bread is also an enemy in war on weight. Even tortilla wraps. And yes, I am aware that wheat bread is considered “good carbs”. It simply will not drop you those extra inches. When you achieve that dream body you’ve picked your favorite magazine, by all means eat some wheat bread with the meal and maintain what you have worked hard to lose.


Now, to answer the question of what to get it fresh, but will not break your pocket book. We begin with a grocery. Grilled chicken is very healthy. You do not need to go after the expensive name brand. After all, it’s just chicken so go for that Great Value stroke. You can buy a bag full of chicken breast 5/6 dollars, and does many many meals for yourself out of it. Turkey is another money saver. Not only is it healthy but it tastes better in most cases than mince. Turkey burgers (no bun) and turkey bacon are some of my favorites. A pack of ground turkey that will make 5 decent sized burgers, will run you $ 2. This puts a beating on every dollar menu you find. The package of turkey bacon will run around $ 2 too. Fish (ex. Tilapia) will also work for you. You can get a family box of 16 for about $ 12. “No carbs” will make you miserable and tired. As for energy to move through the day, make some oatmeal and / or some sweet potatoes. I personally do not like oatmeal, so to keep from vomiting I mix in some sugar-free jam. Just make sure your meals containing carbohydrates eaten early in the day so you do not go to bed with unused energy will become fat when you sleep

I myself work a hectic schedule. Sometimes I do not have time to prep my food at home. Fast food it is! People dont realize they can order food acceptable to diet and actually spend as much if not less money to do it. Take Burger King for example. Their grilled chicken sandwich is almost $ 4. However, if you order “just chicken” you have to pay around 1.50 per piece. Just ask and they will also cut it up for you. “Have it your way” is definitely true for them. McDonalds and all the others will do the same. Taco Bell will also work with your diet efforts. Order a grilled chicken concoction, tell them “no tortilla”, and they will put it in a bowl for you. The subway is an obvious choice, but remember to avoid bread. Fast food is not error proof and does not measure up to prepping your food, but it gets the job done when time is a factor.

As far as drinks go, diet drinks will work. Try and limit yourself to no more than 2 per day. The best, however, is water, and it is FREE. Do not proceed with the belief that the more you drink, the more you keep. Your body will just about keep the same amount of water regardless of how much you take in. Your body has to process the water to pee it out. That treatment will burn calories. The more water you take in, the more calories you will burn. So drink up!
So no more excuses about how expensive it is for you to eat healthy. You can actually save money with the tips I have mentioned above. If you do, let me know and I’ll give you my address so you can send me a check. Just kidding . . . . No really, it does. Also remember to stick with it. Eating healthy for a week or two will not produce many results. This takes time so patience is needed. Good luck!

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