Alcohol And Losing Weight

Alcohol And Losing Weight

By | December 27, 2016

If you happen to be one of the millions of people across the country who need to lose a few pounds, it is important to lay off alcohol. For many individuals, alcohol is a common drink for social occasions and may have helped to contribute to obesity. Well, to shed extra pounds, abstained from adult beverages is the key to success

US News and World Reports spoke with experts who agree that while one drink a day have some health benefits, makes excessive consumption of alcohol is very difficult to lose weight. Alcohol contains too much empty calories and carbohydrates that just digested and converted into fat. An average beer has well over 100 calories, a glass of wine can have as much as 200 calories, and a shot of liquor can have almost 100 calories. Alcohol also provide little or no nutritional value to your body.

Because of the excess calories and carbohydrates in alcohol, combined with how it is to fat, it is clear how extra pounds can be added. If you happen to consume alcohol on a fairly regular basis, so by eliminating that from your diet, you will see an improvement in your weight over a longer period. Alcohol regularly, will result in the body’s vitamin and nutrient balance are and can lead to long-term medical problems. Reduce or eliminate alcohol from your diet can help improve your overall health and help you get down to a healthier weight.

Time Frame
Long-term consumption of alcoholic beverages added pounds to your body over a longer period, therefore it will take time to lose it all. To speed up your weight loss, abstain from alcohol and adding exercise to your daily routine. This will help your body lose weight faster and you can see and feel better over time. Fitness experts on SparkPeople. com, recommend losing more than two pounds a week, then decide how much you want to lose and plan training and diet regimen accordingly.

If you reduce the amount of alcohol you consume, you will see the weight slowly begin to drop. Along with that, you will notice that your appearance will improve. It will take several days to get all the alcohol out of your system and when that happens, weight loss plan slowly take off. Because alcohol consumption results in liver becomes overworked and stomach swelling, by reducing your intake, the liver will be able to function normally again, and your stomach will shrink over time back to its normal size.

There are several advantages to reduce alcohol consumption that can go hand in hand with weight loss, according to the Mayo Clinic. The main thing is that vitamins and minerals in your body will be refilled, which is often reduced by the use of alcohol because they drink serve as diuretics. Heavy drinking can also cause problems with the stomach and liver, so by steering clear of alcoholic beverages, you will give your body time to heal, in addition to losing weight.

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