Food Pyramid Activities For Kids

Food Pyramid Activities For Kids

By | December 28, 2016

The United States Department of Agriculture’s MyPyramid was developed to provide Americans with guidance when choosing their diet. The MyPyramid website offers activities for children to teach them to have a healthy lifestyle. When children have positive experiences while providing a variety of healthy foods, set a good example of healthy eating and physical activity. Always remember to cook fun

Simple Kitchen Activities
Teach children MyPyramid guidelines by displaying. poster in the kitchen or food area and have them name as food belongs to which group. For a more challenging activity, try to have your child identify the food groups of combination foods. Try discuss each food group and what these foods taste. Lets kids explore each group to cook containing one item from each group and have them explain which group each food belongs. Creating drawings and colors of the different food groups and food can be fun for young children.

Children begin to learn to work with food. Adding ingredients, and thus won and moss potatoes, stirring batter, and mounting pizzas are simple ways to get them familiar with the cuisine. This age group may also contribute to cleaning the kitchen, wiping tables, and washing produce. Older children can perform more advanced activities such as peeling fruit, cracking eggs, measuring ingredients, prepare recipes cut soft foods with dull knives, and set the table.

Making MyPyramid Fun
Making healthy eating can be exciting and fun for young people and encourage them to eat right. Some fun activities are cutting food into fun shapes with cookie cutters, from low fat cheeses and make tower or spell words from digestives and stick pretzels. Encourage your children to create their own snacks such as trail mix or sandwiches and fruit salads. Let them taste different kinds of vegetables with dips, humus and other bean dips. Create shapes of food to put together with, potato buddies, a baked potato with a face. Do this by splitting a baked potato in half and add peas for eyes, one halved cherry tomato for a nose, and a fat cheese wedge for a smile. Try using different foods to make interesting figures.
Children need physical activity to help grow up strong, and develop strong bones. Encourage your children to have physical activities as part of special occasions such as a birthday party centered on physical activity, relays or back-yard Olympics.

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