How Do You Eat Less

How Do You Eat Less

By | December 28, 2016

Trick yourself into eating less so you can lose weight and keep it off. Learn weight loss tips thin women have used for decades to curb your appetite and lose weight

Brush your teeth

This technique is very old, but it is also very efficient. By cleansing the palate by brushing teeth, receive brain signals that it’s time to stop eating. Usually we receive this signal at the start of our day, and at the end of it, but we can experience this appetite suppression anytime. Trick yourself into eating less by brushing your teeth next time you experience a craving.

A cup of java
Coffee can naturally suppress appetite. Try a cup of coffee during the middle of a suction and see your desire for food sink. If you experience the night cravings and worry about the caffeine keeps you awake-try decaf that it will work just as well.


Sometimes when we’re out food what we actually lost is the movement of our mouths or “action” motion of eating. Chew a gum to simulate and fulfill your craving and see if it subsides. Most people just need to have something in your mouth, leaving people who chew on ink pens.

Pour yourself a glass of water next time you feel hungry. Water can suppress appetite significantly. Studies have shown that most people regularly confuse hunger with dehydration. You may only need water, so before you turn to food-try a glass of water and see if it helps with your cravings.

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