Muscle Mass Gain Diet Tips

Muscle Mass Gain Diet Tips

By | December 28, 2016

gain muscle requires both heavy training and a proper diet. To gain weight you must take in more calories than you burn. Typically, this means eating more food. When trying to gain muscle, you need to choose foods high in protein and low in refined carbohydrates, sugar and fat.

Eat more
To gain 0.5 pounds of muscle per week, you need to eat 250 extra calories per day. You can add these calories in the form of a great snack or add some food for a few meals. If you’ve recently increased amount of time you spend in the gym, you need to add even more calories when you burn a lot of energy during workouts. Try adding 500 calories per day if you exercise intensely. If this leads to muscle gain in a few weeks, add another 100 calories to your daily routine every week until you see progress.

eat more often
Eating too much food at once can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated. When you try to increase the calories it is important to eat smaller meals more often. This will also help with energy for exercise.

Eat more protein
Strength-training athletes generally need 0.7 -. 8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you do not meet this requirement, add your favorite healthy, protein-rich foods for meals and snacks. Try to include some plant sources of protein such as tofu and beans for extra nutrition.

Try a Shake
Many bodybuilders turn to meal-replacement drinks, powders and bars to consume an adequate amount of calories and protein. You can find these foods in most grocery stores, gyms and vitamin stores. Watch your sugar intake, though, that many of these supplements are full of added sugar.

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