Using Food-based Vitamins To Remove Black Spots From The Skin

Using Food-based Vitamins To Remove Black Spots From The Skin

By | December 28, 2016

Black spots on the skin, or hyperpigmentation, can be caused by many things, such as hormonal changes or too much sun exposure, but some hyperpigmentation caused many vitamin deficiency

vitamin A
Having a deficit of vitamin A can cause black spots on the skin. Vitamin A is needed for skin and eye health. Red, yellow and orange fruits can alleviate this.

vitamin B
Vitamin B, important in blood cell production and maintenance, can lead to hyperpigmentation. If blood cells are not healthy, your skin will not be either. Whole grains and nuts can satisfy those needs.

vitamin E
Vitamin E is essential for skin elasticity and health. With a lack of vitamin E, the skin can not rejuvenate itself. Wheat germ and nuts are an excellent source.

Calcium is essential for hormonal balance. Low levels of calcium means hormones could go into imbalance and cause patches. Milk remedies this.

Adding magnesium to your diet can help neutralize estrogen in the liver. Excessive levels of estrogen can cause hyperpigmentation. Spinach can fix this.

Zinc is also necessary for the hormone balance in the body. If zinc is low, since estrogen can build up. Meat, such as turkey, pork and salmon is a great source.

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