A Diet For People With Bleeding Ulcer

A Diet For People With Bleeding Ulcer

By | December 29, 2016

Bleeding wounds are often found in the upper digestive tract, and sometimes they are closer to the stomach in the upper part of the small intestine. Regardless of their location, pain and irritation from bleeding ulcer gets worse when certain foods are eaten. A diet for people with bleeding wounds should be a mild diet

No spicy food
It is not true as bleeding ulcers are caused by spicy food, but it is true that a bleeding ulcer diet should be free from spicy foods. This means refraining from eating spicy ethnic foods and spicy chili, pizza, sausages and the like that contain too many hot peppers and other spicy ingredients. Instead, the bleeding wound sufferer eats more boring food that contains little or no seasoning or paprika and should avoid foods and spices like chili powder, black pepper, meat extracts, mustard seeds and nutmeg.

No Caffeine
A bleeding ulcer diet should not contain caffeine, which worsens the pain of bleeding ulcers. The person should refrain from eating chocolate and from drinking tea and coffee. Even decaffeinated coffee has been found to increase the pain and discomfort in people with bleeding wounds.

not alcohol
People with bleeding ulcers should not drink alcohol, which will cause bleeding ulcers pain to worsen.

bland Diet
The bad news is that the diet free of spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol will be a dry one for bleeding ulcer sufferer. The good news is that there is plenty of dry food to choose from. Food may contain white rice, potatoes, macaroni, biscuits, bread, applesauce, stewed fruit, juice, carrots, green beans, celery, cottage cheese, custard, pudding, creamy peanut butter, eggs, turkey and chicken.

Diet Tips
Even nutritionists have not developed a special diet for those with bleeding ulcers, it is suggested that those who have bleeding ulcers should eat a balanced diet. They should avoid eating a large meal on a dinner, but could spread food intake over several smaller meals to avoid irritating bleeding ulcers. The smaller meals will keep them from feeling too bloated or full, and will reduce bleeding ulcer pain. Those with bleeding wounds are especially recommended by the American Association Gastroenterological just eating properly cooked food and to only drink water that they know is clean and safe.

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