Eating Healthy Snacks And Lose Weight

Eating Healthy Snacks And Lose Weight

By | December 30, 2016

Healthy snacks play an important role in weight loss. Studies have shown that eating frequently throughout the day can help to increase your metabolism so that more calories are burned

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Healthy snack choices

healthy snack recipes.


Add environment with nutritious food options. This includes home, work, car, backpack, bag, etc. When hunger strikes, you do not want to be at the mercy of your cravings and the food source is handy. Try to eat at least three snacks per day.

Enjoy a midmorning snack between breakfast and lunch. Instead of heading to the vending machines, take one of the yogurts you put in the break room fridge. Munch on orange or banana you stuffed in your purse this morning.
There are countless little fat, processed snacks aisle shelves at your local grocery store. While they are better than the fries, I recommend them as a last resort. Always go for fresh foods first. When shopping groceries look to outer aisles for snacks instead of the inner aisles that contain more processed ingredients.

Have a mid-afternoon snack between lunch and dinner. Midafternoon is usually a time when you feel a bit slow. Refuse your usual choice of coffee or energy drinks. Try a serving of cottage cheese and fruit. Have a serving of fresh chopped vegetables with a little plain yogurt as a dip.

A late night snack is your last meal for the day. There should be a small portion of which is low in sugars. Our desire is usually something sweet at night. Resist. A handful of mixed unsalted nuts are a healthy alternative.

There are many websites where one can find healthy snack recipes. Do a little extra research and grocery shopping to arm yourself against the pressure to eat in unhealthy ways.

Tips and Warnings

Plan your grocery shopping, fill up with healthy meal components.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water also helps aid in speeding up the metabolism.

Cheese is a healthy snack choice, but intake should be limited as it has a high fat content.
Always consult your physician when you make a drastic change in your diet.

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