How To Change Your Body Shape

How To Change Your Body Shape

By | December 30, 2016

Everyone has a different body shape, which mostly depends on genetics as well as diet and exercise routines. Dream of having an hourglass figure like your best friend maintains? Or maybe you yearn for a flat stomach and slim hips? Changing one’s body shape can be achieved with proper exercise and diet. The six basic body shape is the Hourglass, A-frame, H frame, V frame, ruler and Oval shape. Each character may require another exercise to make necessary changes

You need:.
Computer with Internet.

South Beach Diet membership.
High-fiber vegetables.


Change the body an hourglass shape with strength training that includes squats, leg presses and lunges. Cardio exercise should consist of jogging, cycling, jumping jacks, swimming and low impact aerobics. Drink eight glasses of water a day and eating right to get hourglass figure.

Avoid strenuous cardio exercises if you want to change an A-frame body shape. Cardio can increase the size of the muscles in the lower body. Instead, use a treadmill or an elliptical with a slight incline and practice strength training. Most of the body weight concentrated around the buttocks, hips and thighs. The upper body muscles can make your lower body appear smaller in size.

Practice lunges, squats and leg presses to help reshape an H frame body. This body type is considered athletic and appear square. To minimize stomach, participate in cardio exercises using a treadmill, a stepper or take a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Lower body resistance training is necessary to bring the body into harmony with the broad shoulders that are commonly found on H frame bodies.

Increase bone size with squats and leg presses to change a V body shape. Shoulders are usually a couple inches wider than your hips with this kind of shape. Practice cardio using the stepper. This form of exercise will change the shape of the legs and hips by adding extra weight and muscle to the areas most needed.

Practice strength training and cardio exercises to add muscle and curves for a ruler shaped body. Opposition exercise should be excited with the shoulder press, bench press, lat-downs and squats. Focus on building muscle and not losing weight. Eat 4:57 well balanced meals a day. Changing this body shape may require training each muscle group once a week.

Train use the treadmill to change a Oval shaped body. Also known as “apple” this body shape is usually found on a person who is short in height, has thin legs and a thick midsection. Focus on weight training in the legs to create a balance with the body. To help reshape the body, practice leg presses, squats and barbell lifts.

Tips and Warnings

Consult a physical trainer or a doctor if exercises produce pain and swelling.

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