How To Tell Your Friends And Family That You Are Vegetarian

How To Tell Your Friends And Family That You Are Vegetarian

By | December 30, 2016

The choice to become a vegetarian is a very personal, but your friends and family will want an explanation. For many new vegetarians this is a daunting, they are afraid that their friends and family do not understand or will judge hard. By following these simple instructions, you can share your choices in the easiest way possible

You need:. .
A quiet place

Friends and family who are willing to be receptive (not in a bad mood).

You have to know your basic facts.

Start with the easiest person first. Do not start with someone you think would be defensive or aggressive. Choose a friend or family member who will most likely be supportive of your choice ,. . They will help others understand the future

Tell them simply that you’ve decided to become a vegetarian, and then be prepared to answer the questions that are sure to follow. If you do not know the answer to a question be honest and let them know that you are still new to the vegetarian lifestyle.

* Note that you will want to know the basics about vegetarian health (eg :. where you get your protein / calcium / etc) and your reasons for going vegetarian (example: health / for animal rights / etc).

not expect them to join you in your lifestyle. This is not a time to get into a heated debate about animal rights, but rather a time to share with people that you have made an important life decision.

If your friends or family think that you are going through a phase not be too upset. Just accept that they are dealing with this in his own way.

Continue to tell people you trust the most, and they will help to spread the news. Be prepared for some awkward jokes on their part, usually something rude is not meant to hurt you. Shrug it off and continue on your own path! Congratulations you are a vegetarian.

Tips and Warnings

It is important to share the news with people you trust. Remember, this is your choice and you do not have to explain yourself if you do not feel comfortable doing it.

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