To Choose A Supplement For Bone Health

To Choose A Supplement For Bone Health

By | December 30, 2016

Bone loss is a condition that affects millions of people each year and can be considered a natural part of aging. Bone loss can lead to arthritis and other painful medical conditions. To ensure that your bones stay healthy for a long time, you should take a supplement

Talk to your doctor about taking a supplement for bone health. He may have recommendations or advice against taking certain products.

Buy a calcium supplement. Calcium is a mineral that gives strength to a person’s legs. If you do not eat enough calcium rich foods, so a supplement may help keep bones healthy.

Take a daily dose of Citracel. Citracel is a form of calcium citrate, one of the best absorbed forms of calcium. You can take Citracel on an empty stomach, and it is low cost.

Add a vitamin D supplement to your diet. Vitamin D helps calcium to improve bone mass.

Buy a supplement containing DHEA. DHEA helps the body to increase bone mass and stimulating bone deposition.

Pick up a magnesium supplement. Magnesium is required for cartilage and stimulates the growth of bone. Most magnesium supplements come with a potassium supplement as well.

Tips and Warnings

You can find a multi-vitamin that mixes the ingredients you need to improve bone health. The clinician’s Choice has Osteo Guard, a supplement containing calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and other bone-strengthening vitamins and minerals.
You should not take more than 2500mg of calcium per day. Talk to your doctor before you exceed this figure.

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