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Sauna Belt Instructions

The Sauna Belt is a portable belt with heat settings that, when used, promises a number of benefits such as weight loss, muscle relaxation, improve circulation and pain relief. Similar to a regular sauna use Sauna Belt heat is thought to detoxify your body and burn calories through sweating, resulting in loss of weight. The… Read More »

Body Fat Reducer

The reduction of body fat requires a concerted effort on training and proper nutrition. We get bombarded every day with so many fad diets, and it’s hard to know what works and what does not. It’s not rocket science, but you need to know what tasks and what foods burn fat most efficiently cardiovascular trainingIt… Read More »

What Causes A Severe Sinus Headache

a severe sinus headache is usually the result of sinusitis. When people have sinusitis, their sinuses are not draining properly because they are blocked. sinuses are blocked when they get irritated and inflamed, and sinusitis causing this. . cold, flu, and allergies are the main causes of sinusitis when a person’s sinus cavity filled with… Read More »

Diet And Its Effect On Mood

What we eat and when we eat it plays a direct role in how we feel. Wrong food or inconsistent eating habits can cause blood sugar levels to change rapidly, affects mood dietary practicesA diet heavy in fatty foods or sugar appears to have an association with depression. A study conducted by the University of… Read More »

Healthy And Natural Sugar Substitutes

There are many reasons why someone would want or need to switch from regular sugar to a natural sugar substitute. There are several natural sugar substitutes currently available Sugar AlcoholSome natural sweeteners made from sugar alcohol. They include xylitol and erythritol. Both occur naturally in fruits and fermented foods and processed for use as a… Read More »

Vitamins For Women On HRT

The female body goes through a lot of changes throughout life. A mature woman’s health needs change with her body, and the physical and mental changes caused by depleted hormones after menopause require special attention. Some women choose to fill up missing hormones by taking specially made drugs to reduce discomfort during menopause. Vitamin supplements… Read More »