How To Choose Food Without Carbohydrates

How To Choose Food Without Carbohydrates

By | December 31, 2016

Eating foods without carbohydrates is important for someone on a low carb or carb diet. The diversity of products available in supermarkets can be hard to find food without carbohydrates. Follow these steps to find food that contains little or no carbohydrates

Make a stop in the meat department. As long as you do not mind eating meat is an excellent source of protein and generally has no carbohydrate content. Try to avoid meat that has been heavily marinated or prepared because some marinades tend to have a lot of sugar in them which will help carbohydrates.

Pick up some soy if you’re vegetarian or vegan. Soy is one of many foods with very few carbohydrates that most people like to eat and are relatively inexpensive. It comes in many forms, for example, raw beans, milk, and even protein powder.

Look for raw, non-starchy vegetables. Most vegetables have very little carbohydrate content except starchy vegetables like potatoes. Examples of good low carb vegetables are broccoli, green beans, and celery.

Buy lettuce to make salads, but keep the dressing to a minimum. Salads are fantastic for people with low carb diets, but you must avoid dressing as much as possible or choose a low carb dressing and use it sparingly.

Put some cheese basket. If you can tolerate lactose and eating animal products, cheese is a great food that contains little or no carbohydrates. Make sure to choose real cheese and not processed cheese that may contain more carbohydrates and unhealthy preservatives.

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