Sauna Belt Instructions

Sauna Belt Instructions

By | December 31, 2016

The Sauna Belt is a portable belt with heat settings that, when used, promises a number of benefits such as weight loss, muscle relaxation, improve circulation and pain relief. Similar to a regular sauna use Sauna Belt heat is thought to detoxify your body and burn calories through sweating, resulting in loss of weight. The Sauna Belt is more convenient than a traditional sauna because it is a lightweight, portable belt that is made to fit any size and worn everywhere

Strips Sauna Belt On
To get started with Sauna Belt, just wrap it around the body part you want heat to be concentrated on. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to wrap Sauna Belt around the clothing and not directly around the skin. The Sauna Belt can be wrapped around the abdomen, hips, thighs or waist. Make sure the belt is not fastened on so hard that it folds over or creasing, it must break completely around and fits well for best results.

Plug Sauna Belt
The Sauna Belt uses electricity to produce heat and must be plugged into an outlet for it to work. Ensure that the voltage of the plug is correct and make sure that the temperature regulator is shut down before Sauna Belt is plugged in.

Turn up the heat
To achieve the fastest heat up time, turn the temperature regulator all the way up. The skin will react to the heat, so that it feels warm to the touch and more pink or red, but if it becomes uncomfortable or feels too hot, reduce heat setting. Continue putting Sauna Belt for up to 40 minutes and be sure to never exceed a pot life of 50 minutes or more.

Remove Sauna Belt
When 40 minutes have passed, turn the temperature regulator and remove the belt. Be sure to connect the belt and then lay it flat onto a hard surface so that it can be cooled down. After it has cooled, wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it clean and ready for use.

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